Where may I purchase your work?
Check my calendar (click HERE) for upcoming shows.
Select pieces are available at:
My Etsy shop (click HERE)
Rooted., New London, PA (click HERE)
Swallowfield, Northeast Harbor, ME (click HERE)
Coffee Coffee, Bel Air, MD (click HERE)
The Root Cellar, Rochester, MN (click HERE)
Honest Weight Food Co-op, Albany, NY (click HERE)
Golden Rule, Excelsior, MN (click HERE)
Colored Squid Gallery, Barrington, IL (click HERE)
Freshly Worn Furniture, Campbell, CA (click HERE)
Anthology, Madison, WI (click HERE)
Goods & Heroes, Three Oaks, MI (click HERE)
Fifty Home, Concord, NH (click HERE)
Field House (Roost & Co.), Beverly, MA (click HERE)
Chowfancy, North Babylon, NY (click HERE)
The Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota, FL (click HERE)
Homespun, Modern Handmade, Indianapolis, IN (click HERE)
Serene Green, Sag Harbor, NY (click HERE)
Lizzy G’s Fine Gifts, Houston, TX (click HERE)
Tangent Crafts, Emmaus, PA (click HERE)
Tallulah Belle’s, Overland Park, KS (click HERE)
The Annapolis Pottery, Annapolis, MD (click HERE)
Mud & Metal, Baltimore, MD (click HERE)
Alternatively send an email to me at the email address above or use the Contact Me page.

How do I care for my ceramic piece?
All of my ceramic pieces are made of high-fired stoneware. It is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe, although washing by hand is recommended to avoid chipping. Avoid thermal shock – going from the refrigerator to a hot oven could cause the piece to crack.

Are your pieces durable?
Yes, they are very durable under normal use, but they will break if dropped on a hard surface or crack if subjected to thermal shock.

Are they meant to be used?
Absolutely! Not only are they nice to look at, but they are designed to be used in everyday life.

Are they food safe?
All glazes are food safe and lead free.

Why aren’t similar pieces exactly the same size and shape?
Even with the use of molds for casting, all pieces are handmade and hand glazed, so slight variations should be expected. The fact that size and shape will not be exact from piece to piece is part of the charm of handmade pottery.

How long does it take to make a piece?
From first starting a piece until it is out of the glaze kiln can take anywhere from two to four weeks. After pieces are formed (by casting, hand-building or wheel-throwing) they must dry completely. The first firing is to 1900o F and takes about twelve hours to fire and another 24 to cool enough to unload. They are then glazed and fired again, this time to 2200o F, another twelve or thirteen hours, with at least 24 hours cooling time. It’s finally ready to enjoy!

How do you design a new piece?
To create a new form for casting I make a prototype, usually from wood, clay, plaster, plastic and/or found objects. A plaster mold is made from the prototype, which may take several days, depending on how many pieces the mold must be. The mold must completely dry before being used, which usually takes about a week. I make the initial piece from a new mold in white so I can be sure the form is what I want, and then test it out on my husband to make sure it’s truly functional. From design to testing, to being ready to start production can take four to six weeks.

What kind of clay do you use?
I use a white stoneware.

Where do you make your ceramics?
All of my ceramics are made in my home studio in Bel Air, Maryland.

stampWhat is your stamp?  I use my initials “DWL” for my stamp. My great grandfather was a printer, and the stamp is made from type he used.

Do you take wholesale orders?
Yes! If you are interested in wholesale, please contact me at the email address at the top of the page, or through the contact sheet for access to the wholesale portion of the web site.

How long have you been making ceramics?
I started making ceramics in 2006, with a class at Maryland Institute College of Art, in the Continuing Studies division. I’ve continued to take classes at MICA since then and have also attended several workshops at Penland School of Craft in Penland, NC. I started taking my wares to craft shows in 2013.



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